Lars Reichow

Performs in German
lars reichow

Lars Reichow

Performs in German
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Lars Reichow the “Klaviator”, is a successful comedian, television presenter and entertainer. His intelligent, witty and cheeky programs inspire his fans in Germany.


He was born in 1964 in Mainz, and came early into contact with music; he studied piano, trumpet and guitar. At age 16, he played in a jazz band, two years later he went on tour with the famous cabaret artist Hanns Dieter Hüsch.


In 1992 he created his first program on stage and already filled large halls. Gradually, he built his image as “the Klaviator”. Today he can look back on many successful cabaret programs. His current programs are “The Best” and “Freedom”.


The TV viewers known him from various programs; such as Mitternachtsspitzen, the Ottis Schlachthof talk show, Neues aus der Anstalt, Mainz is Mainz, Kunscht, Spätschicht, The Lars Reichow show and the No Warranty. Once a month he can be heard his own radio show “Musical Revue” on SWR2. His column “Wake-up call” appears weekly in the Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz. He has already won several awards, including the prestigious “German Cabaret Award”, the “horse of Niedersachsen” and the “Berliner Kabarett price” for his stage programs.


Cheaky, witty and at times a little melancholic, but always with a good dose of intelligence; all this is qualifying his program. He does not make the difference whether he talks about Angela Merkel or the local politicians. The sources of his ideas are as varied as the program itself; his subjects are taken from everyday life, from the media and politics.


Lars Reichow is considered the most versatile among the comedians. To experience him on radio and television, is a delight. To see him live on tour is an experience!

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Lars Reichow

10 Nov 2016
19:00 - 22:30
German Embassy