Matt Price

Performs in English
matt price

Matt Price

Performs in English
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Matt Price has worked in a fish factory, has trained as a boxer and has worked as a ghost writer for some of Britain’s most notorious gangsters. Among his fellow comics, Matt Price is known for having some of the most extraordinary and outrageous stories drawn from the wilder side of life. And yet this self-effacing Cornish born comic brings real warmth and heart to his tales – as well as finding some audacious laughs in the most unexpected places. Price’s easy going charm has made him a favourite on the UK and International circuit and he has the skill to win over the toughest audiences.


A phenomenal storyteller - The Scotsman August


His critically acclaimed Edinburgh shows see Matt weaving his own amazing true tales into an astonishing and very funny hour. The Maryhill Dinosaur – his 2014 show – was ostensibly about a mentally ill man who believed he was a dinosaur – but built into a moving and heartfelt story about what it takes to be a man – and why sometimes a lack of confidence can be an advantage in life. Turkeygate – performed in Edinburgh in 2013 recounted the tale of a disastrous international booking – which ended with Price and a fellow comic in a hilarious but terrifying keystone cops type chase with international gangsters.


He is also the co-creator of Natural Born Storytellers – a very popular storytelling night at the Camden Comedy Club (Camden Head) in Camden.

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04 Nov 2016
23:30 - 1:00
Mosaic House

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