Comedy WorkShop with Geoff Whiting

Comedy Workshop with Geoff Whiting
04 Nov 2016
18:00 - 19:30
Mosaic House
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geoff whiting

Comedy WorkShop with Geoff Whiting

Think you have what it takes to become a comedian? Have you always wanted to learn more about comedy in its most authentic platform? Join us for our PRAHAha Comedy Workshop! Led by Festival MC Geoff Whiting.


Geoff will teach you the subtle art forms and what to focus on when creating and delivering comedy material. Specifically, how to prepare new material and how to deal with stage fright and hecklers.


Specifically, Geoff will teach you the following:

1. Body language on taking to the stage
­2. How to win over any audience by using subtle techniques according to the sort of mix you have in the crowd
3. Set questions to put to a crowd that can spark good responses…the best and the worst…
4. Riffing…how to take what the audience give you and work it into comedy material on the spot…they write your set for you…
5. Timing, when to stop speaking and let the laughs roll on…never tread on your own laughs
6. Dealing with ‘heckles’ both bad and sometimes good ­ identifying which is which and acting accordingly
7. How to ensure that you make the show work for the other acts…the team ethic that is not usually taught but is essential


Not a future comedian? Don’t worry, there will still be plenty to laugh at and enjoy.


The show is in English.